Razor Bumps

razor bump

What Are Razor Bumps

Razor bumps also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), barber’s itch and folliculitis barbae traumatica are caused by hairs curling back into the skin after being cut or shaved. This tends to be an issue for most men with thick and curly hair. While anyone can get hair bumps, men of African and Hispanic decent are more likely to develop razor bumps.

In addition to genetic factors, shaving dry hair can cause razor bumps as the hairs are cut at an angle and curl back in the skin resulting in razor bumps. There are steps you can follow to significantly reduce razor bumps. Grooming with our Blackmane 3 step Bump Relief Products can help to reduce hair bump outbreaks and keep your skin looking clear, soft, bright and smooth.

Step 1. Wash your face 3 times weekly with Bump Relief Cleanser and Exfoliater.

Step 2. Cleanse daily with Bump Relief Skin Toner

Step 3. Moisturize daily after toning with Bump Relief Daily Moisturizer

Using these tree products as recommended as a part of your weekly grooming routine can help to reduce razor bumps after shaving.