How To Grow A Beardhow to

There is no magic serum to grow a beard overnight. You do however have products like Blackmane’s Beard Growth Oil that help to stimulate growth. With products like ours you still have to have the ability to before any product will help.

  1. How do you want your beard to grow? Wild and unkempt, v shaped and heavy to the top, round to soften a square face? Growing a beard to suit the shape of your face matters. What you want may not be what works for you.
  2. Can you grow a full beard or will you have empty spots where no hair grows. If this is the case, no amount of beard serum will make hair grow in these spots. You can visit a dermatologist who can look at your skin to determine why the area is empty.
  3. Try going without shaving for a week to see how much you can take. Look how the fuzz comes in and see if it is full and to your liking.
  4. Once your beard is in you will need to keep it and the skin beneath it moisturized. If not it will be dry, brittle and itchy. Blackmane has several different beard grooming oils, pomades and conditioners to maintain your beard. They are made with all natural and organic ingredients and come in a variety of scents.